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Meat dishes

Рекомендуемые товары

Steak of pork with DorBlu

Pork cue cooked by the sous vide. Demiglas sauce and cheese DorBlu. Exit 240 g.

169 грн

Pepper, veal steak with sauce

Sirloin of beef, 4 kinds of peppers, berry sauce. Exit 250

217 грн

Chicken with plum sauce

Roast chicken with garlic and butter sauce, cucumber and red onion. Exit 450

139 грн

Duck Confit with oranges and apples

Leg confit served with flamb? fruit:mango, orange, Apple. Exit 260 g.

184 грн

Fricassee of rabbit with white mushrooms

Rabbit confit, white fungus, mushrooms, garlic, cream sauce. Exit 260 g.

178 грн

Steak, Taccino

grilled and roasted Turkey breast with chicken egg, herbs and spices. Served with tagliatelle, vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, cherry tomatoes), parsley and with micro green. the Output is 350...

105 грн

Medallions of Turkey

Grilled medallions of Turkey breast in the Hungarian bacon on a bed of leek stewed in cream. Output 150/150 g.

175 грн

Duck breast with apples

Juicy duck breast medium-rare on a bed of caramelized apples with berries and with micro green. the Output of 100/110 g.

162 грн

Chicken fillet

Slices of marinated and fried chicken fillet, baked with mozzarella. Exit 240 g.

92 грн