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Dishes of the Sicily region

Рекомендуемые товары


Coffee tube filled with cream of ricotta with cream. Served with candied tangerine. the Yield is 50 g.

35 грн

Steak Sicilian

Sirloin of beef, roasted with herbs, garlic, olives and capers in Marinara sauce. Served with arugula. the Yield of 290 g.

235 грн

Tomato with lamb of Messina

Baked tomatoes stuffed with lamb with garlic and cilantro. Served on a bed of chips leek and cream cheese. Exit 250

105 грн

Tuna salad

Salad orange, arugula, pepper Confit, cherry tomatoes with Worcester sauce. Served with fresh tuna, slightly grilled. Output of 220 g.

179 грн

Duo of tuna

Fresh tuna by adding cucumber, avocado, cream cheese and strawberries. Served as a Duo of tartare and carpaccio with lime and vanilla dressing. Output: 130 g.

179 грн