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Рекомендуемые товары

Pate of chicken liver

Delicate pate of chicken liver homemade. Served with cherry mousse and borodinskii toast. Output 100/50 g.

64 грн

Vitello tonato

veal Tenderloin, tuna sauce, capers. the Yield of 120 g.

118 грн


Tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto, mixed greens. Exit 300.

98 грн

Carne crudo

a Classic Italian appetizer. Veal tenderloin, cornichons, red onion, mustard, raw quail egg, Worcestershire. Served with ciabatta. Yield 180 g.

123 грн

Salmon Tartar with avocado and cream cheese

Served with a slice of ciabatta and cherry

230 грн

Fritto Misto di Mare

prawn Tails and squid rings in tempura with spicy-sweet sauce. Output 200/30 g.

149 грн

Black sea mussels with tomatoes

the black sea Mussels with tomatoes, garlic and white wine. Output 400

139 грн

Veal carpaccio

Slices of veal in a sauce of honey, balsamic and olive oil with garlic and onions. Served with fresh arugula and slices of Parmesan. Output: 130 g.

115 грн

Cheese set

Dor-blue, Parmesan, Camembert, feta, grapes, walnuts, honey. Exit 240 g.

175 грн


Prosciutto crudo, salami, pate of chicken liver, cornichons, olives, toasted slices of ciabatta, Dijon mustard, microgrid. the Yield of 210 g.

0 грн

Mussels in cheese sauce

the black sea Mussels in sauce Four Cheese with tomatoes. the Yield of 500 g.

189 грн

Scallop with carrot-orange peel. sauce

Orange-carrot sauce, fried scallop, green beans, garlic, pepper confit. the Yield of 140 g.

198 грн

Assorted, Brockett

bruschetta is All one species. Exit 270 g

150 грн

Bruschetta caponata

Bruschetta with roasted vegetables. Exit 65,

39 грн

Bruschetta with vitello tonato

Slices of veal, prepared  method Suwit on baked ciabatta with Tonato sauce, quail egg and cherry tomatoes . Yield 70 g.

64 грн

Bruschetta with prosciutto crudo

Slices of prosciutto crudo on a baked slice of ciabatta with cream cheese. Served with a cherry tomatoes  and greens. Exit 65,

50 грн

Bruschetta with salted salmon

Slices of salted salmon on baked slice of ciabatta with cream cheese. Served with a cherry tomatoes  and greens. Exit 65,

54 грн

Bruschetta with feta cheese and cherry

feta Cheese and greens on a baked slice of ciabatta with pesto and cherry tomatoes . Yield 70 g.

39 грн

Veal cheeks with mashed potatoes

Stewed cheeks with vegetables in sauce bardales. Served with mashed potatoes. Exit 300.

75 грн

Cheese fries "prima"

cheese, fried in breadcrumbs with berry sauce. Output 100/50 g.

49 грн


Grilovanie eggplant, Parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes, pepper confit, mozzarella, pesto, mixed greens. the Output is 200 g

98 грн